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Skunk Removal

What is a Skunk?

A Skunk is a mammal that is most known for it’s foul odor should not be living in your home or residing in or near your workplace. Skunks have long been getting into people’s properties for years and if you’re experiencing it, it’s likely a problem you want solved asap. 780 Pest Control provides effective, humane, and efficient skunk removal methods to get rid of skunks on your property

The most common skunk related complaints include:

  • Skunk is living under deck or porch
  • Skunk has spraying in the vicinity
  • Skunk has sprayed a pet dog
  • Skunks are digging holes in yard
  • Skunks fell down window well/basement

The Importance of Skunk Removal

If you’re faced with a situation that involves a skunk in your home, workplace or other, there are some things you should consider. Skunks on your property can be a problem for many reasons. They are known to have damaged property, leave messes, skunk odor and breed on your property. Skunks are most known for their odorous spray which is used as a defense when they are feeling threatened. Improper skunk removal can put you at risk of encountering an aggressive skunk causing it to skunk spray. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated takes care of skunk removal humanely, professionally and efficiently.

What 780 Pest Control can do for you

  • Skunk Removal
  • Baby skunk removal
  • Skunk Prevention
  • One-way door installation
  • Entry-way sealing

If you are being faced with a skunk on your property, call 780 Pests now and find out how we can help! Our technicians are trained and certified with years of knowledge in skunk control services. We ensure that the animal, the customer and that the process is safe. Our customers know what is going on because we give updates and explain the process so that you are fully informed. If you’re looking for a professional, humane and efficient skunk removal service, you’ve come to the right place.

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